About Us

MikeMaria book webMike & Maria are the co-founders of The Entrepreneur Circle, an organization that offers peer advisory boards, coaching, and peak performance training to insurance brokers, agents, and other financial services professionals. The work they do provides brokers with a set of tools that help them reach their highest levels of performance. They have been working with financial services professionals for more than 10 years. They are devoted to teaching others how to think, speak, and behave like a peak performer. Their goal is to help be the very best in their field.

The Keisers have been business owners since 1997 and use their business knowledge and experience to assist their clients in building profitable and valuable practices. They very much believe in the philosophy of “practice what you preach”. They have spent years researching, practicing, and perfecting the concepts that are discussed in “Your Practice By Design”.

Many people have described their work as “innovative and refreshing” because of the fact that everything they present is practical, pragmatic, and useful in the everyday operation of your practice. None of it is “pie in the sky” theory or just old ideas you’ve heard before. Their tools are based on the work they’ve been doing with private clients as well as exhaustive research and practice.

The Keisers definitely take conventional wisdom and turn it on its head. But their feeling is that they would much rather provide information to readers and clients that actually works, rather than drudge up the same old status quo. This book will challenge you, make you think, inspire you, and hopefully cause you to take the appropriate actions and engage in the behaviors that lead to a high performance insurance practice.


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