How To Be A High Performance Insurance Broker was designed for insurance agency principals and brokers to show you the exact steps to creating your agency precisely the way you want it to be.

The course was designed to help you unlock all of the potential that you and your agency possess.

This is the complete guide for insurance agency principals and brokers who want to…

  • Maximize revenue
  • Maximize profit
  • And enjoy their practice more, while not adding more hours to their work week.

It has come out of the culmination of 11 years of working directly with agency principals on development and peak performance.

Part 1 imagePart 1 – Creating a Vision & Utilizing Your Strengths

  • You will understand the importance of having a solid and compelling vision.
  • You’ll learn why vision is the vital piece to begin reaching your highest levels of achievement.
  • You’ll understand what vision is NOT and why most people fail to achieve their vision.
  • You’ll go through an exercise that will help you clarify your own vision.
  • You’ll also learn why focusing on our signature strengths vs. working on our perceived “weaknesses” is a more effective way to be a peak performer.


Part 2 imagePart 2 Talent, Skills & Confidence, Mind Management, & Resilience

  • You will learn why self confidence is the single greatest predictor of success and how self confidence is developed.
  • You will learn how talent, skill, and self confidence all work in conjunction and in an endless “loop” to propel you to higher levels of performance.
  • You’ll learn why proper mind management plays the greatest role in your behaviors and outcomes and why, as we say, if you manage your mind, you manage your destiny.
  • You’ll learn why resilience is necessary to reach your highest levels of performance and how to develop more of it.

Part 3 LogoPart 3 Relationship with yourself & Others

  • You will examine your relationship with both yourself and others.
  • You’ll understand why having a good working relationship with yourself is necessary before you can have solid relationships with others.
  • You will learn how managing the relationships with others can be the best sales skill you ever learn.
  • You’ll learn the different styles of communication and the most effective communication style in relationship management.
  • You’ll learn why relationship management is so important to being a high performance insurance practice.

Part 4 logoPart Four – Creating the plan, Achieving Goals, and the Power of Peer Counsel

  • You’ll learn the importance of accountability and keeping score.
  • You’ll understand the importance of having a plan, goals, and behaviors and why they are necessary to be a high performance broker.
  • You’ll see how goals play a role in our vision and the importance of proper goals setting. We’ll also uncover some myths around goal setting.
  • You’ll learn the importance of having good outside counsel if you want to perform at your highest level.

“If it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t exist”

What folks are saying…

“Opened my eyes!  This course helped to reinforce the idea that we own a practice and not just a sales business.  Running a professional practice takes looking at the business in a new light.”

Jody Goss, Owner, The Producers Firm

“Creating the goals is always the easy part. This course helped me understand how to create goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them. I have created a plan that I am excited about, and have already started to see some goals achieved.”

Steve S. Macadar

“A practical and useful guide!  I love the way Mike and Maria get back to basics with this easy to understand course. There is a ton of content here and it is all incredibly valuable! Very pleased to have found this course.”

Mike S. Brooks, Nuclear Chowder Marketing

“Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. This course gives you some great ways to avoid that. Mike and Maria do a great job taking you through some critical situations that can lead to less than peak performance and give you tools to understand why you might be thinking a certain way and how to avoid that negative self criticism. The Greeks said “Know thyself” Mike and Maria give you the tools to do that.”

Steve Basche, Law Offices of Steven M Basche, LLC

“Practical and Useful! This was practical information with simple steps to apply to my own life. I always heard that you should work to your strengths, but that seemed like such a vague statement until I too this course. This class got me excited about my business again. Where was this class 10 years ago?”

Sarah Davis, Financial Services

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